35 Years’ Experience in Family Law and Civil Litigation

Negotiation and mediation for southwestern Ontario residents and businesses

Parlee Law Offices Professional Corporation has been providing legal services, counsel and representation for residents and businesses of Stratford, Listowel, St. Marys, and Southwestern Ontario, since the firm was founded in 1979.

Firm founder and principal Paul Parlee is a man of many hats — barrister, solicitor, notary, mediator and arbitrator. He also serves as Assistant Crown lawyer in the Ontario Court of Justice, and as Criminal Duty Counsel and Family Duty Counsel for the province, stepping in to advocate for people arriving at court without representation.

Committed to resolving your legal issues as expeditiously as possible

The firm strives for professional perfection in the pursuit of justice, Parlee Law Offices does not believe this conflicts with the need to observe the bottom line. Legal matters often carry life-changing ramifications and deserve the very best counsel, it is true, but litigation can be drawn out and resource-draining. Parlee Law Offices embraces the alternatives of direct negotiation and mediation wherever possible. Not only are costs kept lower should either of these methods succeed in resolving the issues, but time is saved — and possibly potentially attendant emotional turmoil and stress, as well.

Paul Parlee is qualified to serve as a mediator, which gives him an edge in representing you in mediation as your legal counsel.

Proficient in many areas of law

Parlee Law Offices can help Southwestern Ontario residents and businesses with a wide range of issues, including family law, mediation, wills, estates, civil litigation, real estate, corporate law, commercial law, employment law and Small Claims.

Many cases these days center around three areas of law:

  • Mediation Helps to resolve a wide range of legal matters between many types of parties, including domestic couples, divorcing couples, business partners, business owners and their contractors and suppliers, employers and their employees, parents and their children, estates and their beneficiaries, and neighbors.
  • Family law Family members are assisted to move on by resolving such legal matters as divorce, spousal and child support, visitation rights, juvenile delinquency and prenuptial agreements.
  • Civil litigation Parlee Law Offices is prepared to pursue litigation when negotiation and mediation fail in a wide range of civil matters, including breach of contract, property damage, personal injury claims, insurance claims, product liability, product defects and torts.

Partner with experienced legal counsel that can champion your interests intelligently

Parlee Law Offices can be your biggest asset when you seek justice and redress. Call us at 519-271-8454 or contact us online to set up an appointment.